The Caribbean and Latin America, GDP 2016

Caricom as a whole is about the same size as the Dominican Republic, at 19 percent of the total GDP of Central America and the Caribbean. Central America and the Caribbean, in turn, is only 8 percent of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Within Caricom, Trinidad and Tobago is a giant, accounting for over one-third of the region's GDP, with Jamaica a distant second, on 22 percent. Trinidad and Tobago's GDP is six times that of Barbados. The Bahamas, which has about the same population as Barbados, has a GDP almost three times as large. Guyana, which has a population three times as large as Barbados, has a smaller GDP. Suriname's GDP is larger than Guyana's. Haiti, with the largest population in Caricom, is the region's smallest economy, alongside Dominica.